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To be drunk. To have your doctorate in funk.

Originated from being unable to type while drunk.
-Whooooo, I'm dr.funk!!
--You got your doctorate in funk?
-Hells yes, I'm Dr. Funk!
by 403Forbidden November 09, 2007
23 11
A pretty strange guy.
This guy kinda reminds me of DrFunk.
by Psi December 04, 2003
2 1
If you don't like the stuff he does, you're a fag...
You: Hi, I like llamas. DrFunk: Llamas suck so you suck. *witty remark!!*
by MrDrSir July 26, 2004
3 3
-short for Doctor Funkenstein "king of the Funk" a humourous funk song by Parliament Funkadelic.

- One who knows funk and can cure whats hurting you with it.
I was feeling down but my friend played some Dr Funkenstein! and cured my troubles! he's the real Dr Funk!
by j-la December 20, 2004
3 5
Someone who makes broad, generic, unfunny generalizations and insults.
"RPGs are not real games, loser."
"Anime sucks you japfags."
by Better Than DrFunk December 31, 2003
1 3
Who the hell is The Real DeathJester? I never posted that :/
Hey DrFunk, sorry for spamming your dictionary entry. OH WAIT NO YOU SUCK.
by DeathJester, you mooks :/ December 05, 2003
1 3
A lamer.
You, Mr Lamer, are SUCH a DrFunk.
by DeathJester March 24, 2003
4 8