Stands for good golly are you slow. Also it too can mean the same as duh....DOY is just way cooler to sho
Did you go to school today?
Doy Carl, you only saw me.
by jessica March 30, 2004
a war cry used by the afro-karateka warchiefs of north america in the early 1970s. it increases the power and precision of their attacks and also features as a startling tactic due to its incredibly odd sound.
attacker: "he's not goin' to hawaii!"
afro-karateka: "doy! doy! d-d-d-d-doyyyy!
by Nickobrevin May 11, 2006
Something a retard says, or a way of telling someone something they just did was stupid.
just shout "DOY!" at someone.
by Nitro April 27, 2003
Spanish for "I give."

Conjugated from "dar" which means "to give."

a really funny word.
1.) Doy tu coche feo.

2.) dar de comer al perro.

3.) doyyyyy.
by Alphonsius April 03, 2007
A great Spanish word meaning "I give."

Although, it's not as great as "diphthong."
Doy quesosisimo vengaza!

Doy, you diphthong.
by Doyman. October 07, 2007
That Doy is Gutless!
by Not Doy March 17, 2009
Slang. A stupid, inept, or foolish person
"You Doy! Why did you do that?"
by TwinkieSindy October 21, 2007
stupid sound
by Doug September 10, 2003

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