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Personal information about people on the Internet, often including real name, known aliases, address, phone number, SSN, credit card number, etc.
"Someone dropped Bob's dox and the next day, ten pizzas and three tow trucks showed up at his house."
by Anonymous97875864 August 16, 2008
A dominant male figure among primate society.
"As you can see here, the DOX is initiating it's mating ritual to attract the female"
by Rae June 02, 2003
A collection of scat memorabilia.
ie. to be one dirty cunt
by wanker June 02, 2003
n : a person who makes maps
See also, Cartographer.
The DOX was busy mapping the inner reaches of the rectum.
by fanboi June 02, 2003
A close friend. So close you consider them a brother.
Sup dox?
What you been up to dox?
later dox.
by Benji Morrison November 24, 2010
To be gay.
To ruin a game.
Well done on DOX'ing the v.pad!
by Plasma June 02, 2003
Nigeria slang used to denote sexual intercourse. Usually of the mind blowing variety
Have you heard the gist?
What gist?
Kunle doxed her life last night!!!
by hustlaaaar March 17, 2009
An anal commander
Holy crap jaff is such a dox
by tard June 03, 2003

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