A word originating from Orlando, FL having a somewhat dual meaning in referring to a girl who frequents the downtown club and party scene, and is essentially "down" for whatever, generally in terms of wild partying, sex, drugs, and alcohol abuse. While this word originally had derogatory connotations, it has, in many circles, become a term of endearment, much like "bitch", "nigga", or "motherfucker".
Example 1

Fabiano: "Yo does that girl party?"
Corey: "Fuck yeah she's a sick downy!"

Example 2
"I was up all night drunk as fuck, rolling my balls off, and blowing rails with six downies, smashing out on all of them!"

Example 3
"That's not Lex's girlfriend, but she's his main downy. If you fuck with her he might still kick your ass!"
by LVChang January 06, 2012
Top Definition
Refering to someone with Downs Syndrome - so really should be "downsie" It is a genetic condition that is increasingly common the older the mother of a child is when she falls pregnant. Downs Sydrome is caused by non disjunction of the 21st chromosome (humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes - each parent supplies 23 chromosomes to the child getting a total of 46) which means chromosome 21 in the mother has not split like it should when making sex cells (gametes) and the child ends up with 3 copies of chromosome 21 compared to the usual 2. Some characteristics of downs syndrome include:

Poor muscle tone
Slanting eyes with folds of skin at the inner corners (called epicanthal folds)
Hyperflexibility (excessive ability to extend the joints)
Short, broad hands with a single crease across the palm on one or both hands
Broad feet with short toes
Flat bridge of the nose
Short, low-set ears
Short neck
Small head
Small oral cavity
Short, high-pitched cries in infancy

Sufferers of Downs Syndrome are ussually smaller than their normal peers and their physical and intellectual development is ussually slower.
"He looks like a downy."
"Her brother is a downy."
by [skorpion] December 09, 2004
A derogatory term for someone with downs syndrome. a insult to someone who may act like they have downs syndrome, or just a dumb fuck
josh(downy) fuck off
by robyn the whore September 28, 2006
someone with down syndrome
andrew copeland is a downy and he think's bluelist loves him but unfortunately this is untrue and he has one less chromosome
by pussydandruff June 24, 2011
A person with down syndrome.
"Downies with Brownies."
by court December 02, 2004
slang for a person with down-syndrome
Man you are acting like a downy today.
by EeeBbb March 13, 2006
abreviated version of downsyndrome, refering to someone else who is either slow or does something stupid
did nick piss his pant's again?

Yeah, that kid is such a downy
A person that acts stupid when trying to pick up girls
Wow Brady's a total downy
by swagster playa March 02, 2016
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