between a person's legs
that bitch wanted to chomp my chunk so I sent her downtown
by Anonymous July 16, 2003
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oral sex
He refused to go downtown, even after I did! No more nana for him!
by tee hee November 14, 2002
the coolest part of any town, if your in a town and you're looking for cool people to chill with go downtown and make some friends. usually very tight groups of friends reside downtown.
dude have you been downtown lately?
by nonshadecat June 08, 2009
Slang for shooting and succeeding a shot at a basket well beyond the three-point line in basketball (usu. from the center of court or further).
Commentator- "Wow! Mickael Pietrus from downtown! That'll give Golden State another three!"
by Smkngmgc August 04, 2005
Where the cops take you for questioning, blowing a breathalizer, shoving broomsticks up your ass, or just basically to beat the shit out of you..
Cop: "Lets take this nigga downtown and make him talk."

by Cycling Jester October 31, 2005
"Downtown" is slang in NYC and elsewhere for heroin, as opposed to "uptown," which is crack or cocaine. This distinction is usually only necessary when the dealer happens to sell both heroin and crack or cocaine.
(Dealer's cell phone rings)
Dealer: Yeah, who's this?
Buyer: It's _______.
Dealer: What do you need?
Buyer: I need 2 downtown and 3 uptown.
Dealer: Go to 20th between Broadway and Fifth in 10 minutes.
by barbarypirate June 21, 2009
When a person thinks themselves so terrifically trendy that they are oblivious to the fact everyone around them thinks they are a douche bag. Often seen wearing Ed Hardy and sunglasses inside, and lacking any sense of modesty.
I went to the pub the other night but everyone there was wearing Ed Hardy and had a serious case of downtown. Needless to say, I left out of fear of STD's.
by T-Bone Lynch June 17, 2009

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