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Founded in the fall of 2005 by two industrious and charismatic seniors at The Colorado College, originally consisting of only two elite members, it has since circled the globe many times in its membership capacity. The Downstairs Crew was founded on a rash and utter disregard for the opinions of others and the standards of society. As a snowball rolling down a mountains so too did the Downstairs Crew gain in popularity and belligerence, to the point that by the end of their senior year they were considered to be the most prolific and destructive tag team since The Road Warriors of the late eighties. Early on their antics included getting banned (for life) from many dorms and throwing an unprecedented number of keg parties. Considered by all accounts to have slept with over 100,000 women in total (many at the same time), the Downstairs Crew has been implicated, but never convicted, in thousands of criminal cases, ranging from petty larceny to international espionage. Known to often drink over 500 beers in any given night the Downstairs Crew embodies all that is awesome. In fact, so fratastic were they, that the term Downstairs evolved into an adjective. Fact.
"Dude, it would be such a downstairs crew move if we stole a security cart and put a keg in it, then drove around to parties and made people drink."

Q:"Did you play beirut against those two kids from Vanderbilt and UVA, they were so not downstairs crew.
A:"Yea, one of em played with water, what a loser"
by sicklax420 June 08, 2007
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