1. (noun) a distant and undesired location; 2. (used in phrase) to send someone or something downrange: to get rid of, to ostracize someone, to sever a social relationship with someone, to eliminate, to discharge, to physically remove someone or something 3. (root meaning) a location beyond a firing line on a military small arms or artillery range which is both within the legitimate azimuth of fire and designated impact area.
1. My girlfriend was crazy. I had to send her downrange yesterday.
2. That broken printer had been sitting on my desk for over a month. I had to send it downrange.
by Johnny Redleg June 12, 2007
Top Definition
1. Used in the military to actually move down the training range, or lane.

2. Used in the military to talk about a combat zone.

3. Used to suggest moving to another location.
1. Go down range and pick up all of the unexploded ordinance.

2. When I was down range, I got shot at by unfriendlies.

3. This bar is friggin ate up, let's go down range.
by leadthrower August 28, 2006

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