Shortened form of 'downtown.'

In NYC drug slang, 'downtown' is heroin.

To help speed-up business transactions, saying what you want, as quickly as possible, helps all involved.
Conversation with dealer:

Dealer: 'what do you need?'
Customer: 'just gimme two down, for now.'
by UNOwenNYC May 07, 2012
Short for Down-syndrome. The term is commonly used to label bronies, or also known has the mentally ill people who watch the show My Little Pony or to what they refer to as, MLP. The term is also commonly used on really stupid people on the internet that try to troll.
Anti Brony: Ewww look a brony! Stay away he has downs.
Normal Person: Now that I think of it...bronies do have downs! Ahhhhh! Run!
by Trjx March 30, 2014
when someone smokes weed and acts like they have down syndrome.
mostly a code word for are you high
Nikko: yo do you have the Downs right now?
Billy: nah dude, im good.... nottttttt!!

Sam:wow that nigga got the Downs right now.

by bktherealking November 13, 2011
Down's syndrome for people just seem like they have downs syndrome. Symptoms include but are not limited too: Saying things that make no sense at all, sexing inanimate objects, thinking questions are multiple choice when they aren't, and overall just being fucking retarded. Have a mating call resembling that of the cookie.
Feivou: Dude lets draw Koreans suicide bombers!
Bates: No you fucktard gay boy. I think you have downs.
by Jew by four March 24, 2011
A person with a repulsive personality. In social situations, one would want to run from this individual. They thrive on their own awkwardness, and demonstrate physical and mental abilities of one with down's syndrome.
Jimmy: "Ugh, she won't hop off the tip."
Doug: "Are you talking about Downs again?"
by Manny101 October 11, 2011
A person, usually a gangsta or cholo, who will do anything for his/her homies, crew, hood, or family.
"that fool's down as fuck, he'll take anyone."
by mateothathug September 07, 2007
Drinking On Week Nights
yo dude you comin to the bar with us on thursday?

yeah im down
by pumadora November 03, 2009
Def1 Slang term as in "with it" Or "Cool"

Def2: A song by blink 182

Def3: An awesome southern metal band from new orleans.

Def4: Downward direction.
Kid1: Hey you wanna go to my house after school?

Kid2: Sure Im down with that.
by Slayerkid16 May 30, 2009

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