Depending on the rest of the sentence i.e., context; depressing, depression, or depressing event or situation. Bummed out, bummer.
1) Aw dude ... you're giving me a down head! (You are depressing me)
2) Sorry to hear that ... that's a down head. (That is a depressing event, or bummer)
3) I'm in a down head (bummed-out mood ... though it is rarely used in this way, I would certainly understand what the person meant if s/he said this)
by Peter T. July 12, 2006
Top Definition
a girl who is down to participate in sexual activities without prior relationship to said individual
dude let's call over some down heads, get fucked up and smash
by brian bickerstaff January 07, 2008
A huge fan, or anyone dedicated to, the alt-rock band "System of a Down"
At Jones Beach on August 5th:
Daron Malakian (Guitarist): Lemme see how many Downheads we got here!!
by TayyGT August 07, 2012
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