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An arrogant male model type who would suck his own dick if he could, thus forming a doughnut.
He's such a doughnut.
by elmagneto March 06, 2004
A doughtnut ( also spelled donut) is a favored treat of Homer Simpsons. It is a cursed fried cyclops.
On Saturday, I ate the doughnut.
by Izzy September 05, 2004
a spare whip; a spare car.
My car is in the shop, I'm rolling in my doughnut.
Damn nigga, your doughnut is banging!
That fool Biff be fucking bitches in his doughnut.
Woah, even his doughnut is way fucken baller.
by suga night June 02, 2010
The best food on the PLANET. fried dough with many different variations to make you that much more fatter. id eat them every day but i want to live to see my 30th b-day.
why are you so fat?? too much doughnuts???

yea i can't resist...
by ocboy June 17, 2010
The correct way to spell donut.
Thats not how you spell doughnut you stupid bitch!
by JOHNNY PIRATE COCK June 25, 2007
the number one solution to being obese
mmmmmmmmm doughnuts
by bob saget June 21, 2004
What you see when the Pillsbury Boy bends over. (dough nuts.. as in nuts made of dough)
What do you see when the pillsbury boy bends over? Doughnuts.
by [smartass] June 04, 2004