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Some really retarded guy that does not have a clue: Like your ex-husband,ex boyfriend a guy customer, an old fat guy, some guy with no teeth and hair that has NO brain activity!
That guy is nothing but a fucking doughball
by chadsvixon February 17, 2010
Dough Balls , used to describe large, round, perfect, juicy titties that, just like a ball of dough, need kneeeeeding. great for squeezing , sucking , licking. Perfect for glazing see glazed doughnut
My girlfriend has some fine ass dough balls. they make me hungry :)

Mmmm Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! Doooooough baaaaalllllllssssss!!!!!
by edloveshead February 05, 2012
What occurs when after a long hot day of having magnet balls, you apply powder in an effort to stop the magnetation of your balls, in turn creating a dough like powder and sweat mixture around your balls. This makes them dough balls
Dude i put powder on my magnet balls and now i made dough balls!!
by elliebee March 14, 2009
a complete tosser with no brains
hey doughball what answers you got replied:can't think of any
by raiden388 September 19, 2005