to punch, to hit
Homes 'bout to get doughed in the face.
by Randi December 21, 2003
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Top Definition
Money. See doe.
Did you get some dough?
by Fangsta March 19, 2003
Cash, money.
I Spent all ma dough on my new ride.
by J November 15, 2002
Cash Money, a token or object that functions as exchange value that is socially and legally accepted in payment for goods and serices.

see doe
I spent all my dough on a new whip.
by gbrd December 17, 2007
Cash Exceeding $100 dollars per stack, term used by some
bank robbers
Distribute Dem doughs nigga!
by David Bevan May 03, 2008
A midwest term used by most to define earrings
Those Doughs are fresh.
by rockerchick1111 March 29, 2009
Gangsta slang for though as in Although
James: He slept with your girl, man!
John: I'm not mad dough.
by HarrisPlaya December 11, 2012
The doughy-like substance that accumulates on ones scrotum sac and chode/taint/gooch.
Mom! Jimmy just wiped dough on my teeth!
by doughysack August 04, 2010

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