A really big ass douche, like i mean really big.
Him:Omg miss d is so mean!
Her:yeah she was really being a douche wad today.
by Stephanieooeoooe March 28, 2008
Top Definition
A term used to describe a group of douchebags who hang out together and never get laid due to the fact of serious funky body odor they have from playing nonstop video games 24/7.
I wouldn't go near that group of guys over there. I can smell their B.O. from over here, and I'm 50 feet away. What a freakin' douchewad! Look, now they're going into that video game store.
by SewerChewer December 10, 2007
somebody who you think is completly retarded and doesn't know anything about what they're talking about. And whose stupidity can only be matched by how ugly they are!!

Uninhibitedly idiotic enough to completely alter the gravitational pull of the earth!!
Kaitlyn Southward,

"Kaitlyn you are being a complete and utter douchewad!! Stop talking."
by TalorVaugh&&Samothy December 20, 2006
The act of being a super douche.
Tom, you need to learn your manners and stop being a huge douche wad, so you can get your planner back.
by Reggie Rugburn November 14, 2010
Like a douche bag, but worse.
So, I was crossing the street and this douche wad comes out of nowhere and almost hits me.
by Novella V January 12, 2008
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