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(Noun) One who is not a douchewhole; a person who has not attained a state of douchewholeness or its spiritual counterpart, doucheholiness; that is, the state of being merged or one with Almighty Douchegod, whose Wholly Doucheword and only begotten son, Douchechrist is prophecied to return from the Doucheheavens in a Douche-ocolypse of divine Douchejudgment. It says so right here in the pages of this Douchebook.
A: "Honey, where's the Douchebook? I need to say my doucheprayers."
B: "Mm, someone sounds guilty that he was a douchehalf, and didn't go to Douchemass last week."
A: "What a fine Douchechristian wife I married. Honey, I'm going to go around irrelevantly telling total strangers to 'have a doucheblessed day' all the time, just 'cause I feel so doucheblessed to be your douchehusband. Praise Douchegod!"
by ignorethesefourwords November 13, 2012
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