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One who goes around the world raining douchisms on everybody he/she meets.
Man that guy Alex has become a real Douche Cloud.
by Sandron Kirk February 18, 2008
someone who wears red turtle necks, is against weed, and won't yiff.
valval: reader let's get high, && yiff
reader: No. Weed Is Unhealthy, && I Want To Wait Until We Are Married.
valval: lol ur a douchecloud~
by grand master yiff October 06, 2013
when a large bunch of douche bags pool their resources in one area in order to inflict their douchiness upon unsuspecting, hard-working, non-douche bags.
I ran into a massive douche cloud at that gig in France.
by paddy o'humble December 09, 2010