similar to a douche bag but its a bottle not a bag.
Connor is a douche bottle.
by drop a heart, break a name<3 July 31, 2008
Top Definition
A financially stable or upscale douchebag, one who could more likely afford a douche in a bottle over the more lowly bag.
Look at that guy in the BMW, he's clearly going to park in the handicap spot.

Wow, he totally did.

What a douchebottle.
by lakesX3 November 11, 2009
the new form of douche-bag since companies dont make douches in bags anymore..
go to wal-greens and get me a douche-bottle... your dad cringed last night while he was rug-munching me
by 'O' June 02, 2005
A crack-whore who can provide no milk to her AIDs baby, not even tainted cracked-out milk.
Yo momma musta been a real douche-bottle shaniqua, I find out yo momma give me the hiv'a...
by Yuengling September 26, 2003
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