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A unit of measure that describes a level of douchebaggery, based on how many people that a person, or person's action offends, or how many people dislike someone in general.

One offended person is equal to 1 douchebagurelle, however one person who dislikes the offender is equal to 5 douchebagurelles. The amount of douchebaggery that is being measured in douchebagurelles in also unaffected by the amount of friends that the perpetrator has, though if someone stops disliking someone, 5 douchebagurelles are lost. Douchebagurelles also decay at the rate of one per week, also expressed as 1Dbl/Wk.
Assuming that my measurements are correct, the idiot that got drunk and punched you at the party currently possesses 145 douchebagurelles for that incident alone.
by Dictionarial August 16, 2009