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I cant believe how lame you are, your such a douche nut.
by T-Mase December 12, 2005
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Some one who's is such a pussy that he has ovaries i.e. "Douche Nuts"
Look douche nuts just tell your girlfriend that you are going to the bachelor party this weekend!!!
by Peedah Collins June 27, 2006
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A person or thing who is a complete ass-clown with a smeiner/deeto and has no life and is a dick-smack.
Frank is a fucking douche nuts because he wouldn't give me a ride to Tom and Mike's mom's house.
by One Eyed Jack July 12, 2004
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Someone who is beyond the regular level of douche. So much of a douche that you are the nuts of a douche. Derived from the word doughnut.
What EXACTLY is this guy wearing??? Buttoned, over a button-up shirt?? With all the arms pushed up? What a douchenuts!!!!!
by Aasim Syed May 23, 2008
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