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Someone who's head looks like a douche.
Can also be someone who has an incredibly ugly face or head.
Sythe says:
Sythe says:
now i have to define splork
Sythe says:
Alexander Mickhail says:
Sythe says:
some douche head has defined it for me
by sythe February 12, 2005
Somebody with a very dirty head, or a another name for somebody that is a douche bag.
Girl: Hey, how are you?
Guy: It's over bitch.
Girl: What?
Guy: Go raise our kid.
Girl: Your such a douche head!
Guy: Cunt!
by Dumper-Bumper Bandit September 30, 2009
the next worse thing after a douchebag.

my word for chase, the varsity boys hockey goalie for phillips academy andover, given at the E/a winter games of 2007, where the phillips exeter academy boys owned the smurfs.
me: "is a douchehead!"
gar: "hun its a douchebag."
me: "shutup i made it up."
by mhm sure February 28, 2007
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