A person, who infact, hammers the douche.
Look at that douche hammer, he's been hammering the douche all weekend.
by Brian Deegan August 18, 2003
Top Definition
King of all douches. All other douches tremble in his presence.

Wow, look at that guy.. what a douche hammer.
by matt musser March 22, 2007
Total waste of genetic material, a person who goes out of their way to be a complete pain in the ass
That guy cut me off in the middle of rush hour traffic.

What a douchehammer.
by swooper74 October 13, 2006
A baseball bat. Specifically an older bat, kept behind the driver's seat for the sole purpose of beating the fuck out of cracker ass douchebag white boys.
Ey nigga, throw me the douche hammer, im bout to split this bitches shit-
by K-Roc-Z October 10, 2007
Douchehammer is among the highest ranked of all douches. Douchehammers are known for their ability to irritate any woman to the point of physically violent behavior by merely being in her presence. Often found in small cliques of lower-ranking douches, douchehammers are used for the purpose of making the rest of the clique seem less douchy by contrast, to women who would otherwise not give any of them a second of their time.

*The term "douchehammer" is derived from the facts that they are usually intoxicated (hammered), and the effects of their level of douchery hits women like a blow from a hammer.
1. "The Douchehammer really took one for the team last night!"
2. "We should go out and get some ass tonight.. Call the Douchehammer."
by don grimm March 30, 2015
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