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basically, it means bullshit.
Teenie: omgawzz!!! LOL! LOL! i'm hawt! wana siberzz? im awwll wet! LOLLLZZ! tell me u look lyke beji madden!
Me: What??
Teenie: oh nvmzzXz. i dunt want 2 git pregnut!
Me: Please, i beg of you, take your inane doucebagery elsewhere. Everytime you make a comment my IQ drops a few points.
Teenie: *dies from a massive brain aneurism*
by Dr. Z says I'm special July 14, 2005
The act of doing something that would lead others to believe you are a douce bag.
John: (watching Bush on TV) This guy is such a douce bag.
Alex: I think all governments take part in douce bagery on one level or another.
by emptsent November 27, 2007
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