Sequel to douchebag and a more severe insult, originating in the misspelling of the original on comment boards across the internet because the commenter was too pissed off to get it right or to care that it was wrong. Metaphorically refers to a sac of turds, with douce deriving from "I have to go #2" or "I gotta drop a deuce."
I hate that guy. What a doucebag!
by trashsweeper June 07, 2011
Top Definition
misspelling for douche bag commonly used by actual douchebags
all over this page, these fucking douche bags think that douche bag is spelled douce bag
by person who is smarter than you March 11, 2011
A mega tool; typically a guy that thinks he's cool, thinks everyone else thinks he's cool, but clearly is not. Synonym: tool box
Ryan Seacrest - American Idol MC
by ToriTurner February 24, 2005
One who is an asshat, or in more common terminology, an asshole. Just a synonym for jerk. Refers to a bag that one puts ones douce (for post-sex cleanup) in.
Gary was a real douce bag to me after our break-up.
by Freckles January 19, 2004
1.) v. a perjorative term in slang that is similar to the word asshole, but is arguably a little less harsh. Most commonly used by Generation X and later generations (Generation Y/Echo Boom is especially prone to using this word like common verbal etiquette), to denote such people without calling them out and out asshole's, cocksucker's, or cunt's.

See asshole.

2.) A device that is used to administer a douce, most commonly used by women to irrigate and rinse the vagina.
1.) "Today, my teacher yelled at me before the entire class today, then when I tried to argue back, he made me get up before the class, pantsed me, and then grabbed me and beat me with a ruler."

"Really? What a fuckin' doucebag, you should sue him!!!"

2.) Kelly lent Linda her douce that came with a doucebag to hold the fluid for the douce.
by The White Phantom July 07, 2011
A douche is like a toothbrush after you have sex. A girl uses it to clean themselves out. A douchebag is what all the crap goes into.
Man, my girlfriend decided she had to use a douche after we had sex!
by fuckin a March 27, 2004
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