High-fiving twice in rapid succession while proclaiming "Double-Tap." An incorrectly performed double-tap needs to be performed correctly before exclaiming "double-tap."
You just took that double-shot of whiskey without flinching. *Double-tap!*
by DanleyBitches May 29, 2011
An execution used in arcade fighting games to have a higher percentage of landing combos or supers.
I double tap when I do Blanka hop super, because the timing is hard.
by Charlie Nguyen January 06, 2005
verb; the act of sending two questions via text message or email in an act of anxiety in a short interval of time; typically when trying to get someone's information, especially when awkwardly trying to meet up with someone.
Txt From Kate: What's your Email? Let's meet up!
...90 seconds later...
Txt from Kate: Hey! What's your myspace? Write me back!
Matt to his present buddies: that chick Kate just double tapped me.
by AntiheroFenix October 04, 2009
this is a term used by cops and others in law enforcement
when burglar, or bank robber hits a location 2 or more times.
theres a famous robber named "hollywood" who taunted authorities. He double tapped banks repeatedly right under their noses.
by synthetik smurf September 14, 2005
To look at something up close.,zoom in.,derived from smart phone zooming
Jim: I can't see the board too good.
Pete: You best to double tap and take a front seat.
by Pete camps April 05, 2010
You and your buddy both get in the tapzone.
"Hockers and Ben double tapped last night"
"Simon blew our chances of a double tap"
by smg_007 November 07, 2007
This is for all the Wingmen out there who have to cover their boys ass by introducing himself to the girl his boy just met because his boy forgot the girls name because he was staring at her tits. This technique takes great confidence and a strong wingman.
~Bro comes running to Bro.~
BRO(1)- Dude, I just met this hot ass girl at the bar but i forgot her name because i was staring at her tits. Can you introduce your self so can get it again?
~Walking to the chick at the bar~
BRO(2)- hey, I'm (NAME)!, whats your name?
BRO(1)- Thanks for that Double Tap Bro.
by Doshcokycoyo March 24, 2010
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