1. Two girls, one guy
2. One girl, two holes
Guy: That girl is such a slut, she's totaly down for the cause. Of double fisting.
#fisting #make it a double #doubleteamed #sex move #slut
by suck ma jewce June 03, 2009
Top Definition
Expression used to describe somebody at a party, bar or restaurant, holding two drinks, one in each hand. Unlike single fisting, which most people do.
He had to wait too long for the barkeeper to take his order, so he decided to double fist.

That loser, he is now double fisting for half an hour. She will never come back from the restroom.

Can you double fist for me? I have to go and have a smoke.(NYC/CA)
by atlantic March 31, 2004
The act of drinking two drinks at once, holding one in each hand.
Darth is so hammered...He's been double fisting all night.
#drinking nothing #doublefisting #double drinks #double handed #single fisting
by PookieRVT March 31, 2010
somebody who is a tank at a party and whats to get drunk fast, will go around drinking not one can but 2 one in each hand,thus creating the term double fisting
zac-man did u see giorgiD last night
friend- yea bro he was double fisting like a motherfucka
giorgiD- eyy what can i say, thats the only way to do it
#drinking #beer #partying #double #fist
by ravski August 04, 2007
Double fisting is an extreme sexual activity that must not be confused with fisting. The 'double' often suggests 'two' hands that are inserted into the orafice(s) of women or men.

Double fisting in a woman, might for example, be two well lubricated hands thrust into the vagina, or else two lubricated hands thrust into the anus/rectum.

It might also be two hands inserted simultaneously into both vagina and anus.

Double fisting into the anus/rectum often seriously damages the anal sphincter muscles internal and external, bowel incontinance is sometimes medically irreversible; so would be anal/rectal fisting recipients must be aware of anal 'tearing'.

Vaginal double fisting however is almost without a serious health risk, triple fisting is a regular occurence for women after childbirth; if they so wish it.

There is a slight danger that double fisting performed on virgins will damage the vagina. This is often true, the bartholin gland which produces vaginal lubrication is dependent on gentle stimulation, and double fisting can send this tiny gland into spasm.

Double fisting can be enjoyed by women of any age and recent polls suggest that Scandanavian women in their 50's who have had one or more children particularly enjoy the sensation of being double fisted. The Finnish word for double fisting is 'Torn-Berry' a word named after Finlands second largest city where double fisting is almost a cultish phenomenon amongst mature women.
Helga, the Finnish air hostess met me in Helsinki and suggested double fisting, I was a little shocked, but once I had inserted both of my hands into her deep and cavernous vagina I felt a kind of nirvana creep over me. Her face was contorted yet ecstatic in a surreal unison of hand meets orafice.
by clinton sounds April 13, 2005
Holding two beer cans in one hand at a time.
I'm double fisting tonight, Bro.
#double fist #two #beers #fist #fisting
by MMonster August 19, 2010
When one is listening to a song on 95.1 and it is loaded, drenched, slathered, and pretty much soaked in delay, reverb, Auto-tune, and fake drums, and the listener puts his/her fists into the air celebrating the invention of such effects for music.
"Hey Bromeo, this song is drenched in autotune and crazy effects...

"Dudeliette! That's why I fuckin' love it..."

Double Fisting
#double fisting #fist #double #music #autotune #effects #pop
by That Guy 65 February 03, 2009
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