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The act of laying on one's back, pants down and knees to the chest. While in this position, relaxed enough to have one's scrotum and testicles dangling loosely over the anus, the subject releases gas of such volume, and power, so as produce a descernable air gap in between the anus and scrotum. To fully qualify, this must be done in the general direction of a disrespected, unsuspecting recipient. The DBHBG is not to be confused with it's close cousin, The Double Hogback Growler, which is done standing, and without the requisit fart.
Jim said, HEY BUB!!! Don't let Tim chug any more of that Wild Turkey, or the next thing you know, he'll be shooting those Double Barrel Hogback Growlers again!!!!!!!!!!
by TF Gumby December 12, 2007
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