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a tite vag
did you see her doty
by mrhellohello October 04, 2009
V; To point out a reference, especially an obvious one. Usually killing the conversation, or causing awkward pauses in which members of the conversation revel in your self important sucking.

N; A person who doty's
"Peter Griffin really doty'd that reference to airport 75 when Karen Black appeared and landed the plane"

Peter: "Karen Black... You know from Airport 75"
Viewer: "Thanks doty..."
by Hackawelsh February 12, 2005
A Doty (dough-tee) is a person beyond the usual expectations of a great man. A Doty is always there for you and always wanting to help. But, if you betray the Doty, he will destroy your soul, kill your parents, and eat your babies. Also, he is a great sniper and will kill you from all the way across the map without a trace. In other words, if you anger a Doty, you will not survive.
Chris: God dammit Doty, what the fuck?!
Aaron: You know, I'm Doty.
by DammitDoty June 27, 2010
A synonym for a large penis
'Did you see the size of the Doty on that guy?!'
by Jeremy Dotynski February 04, 2006