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The idea that everything on the net should be free - or at least paid for by someone else
by flynn January 23, 2003
The revolution that will bring about the end of all things dotcom.
Remember when the web was wide and free? Well it will be again.
by devin davidson June 16, 2003
A government's systematic internet/website blocking system; arbitrarily preventing civilians from accessing potentially revolutionary, religious or "offensive" materials.
A government's system by which certain websites are classified and then streamlined into specific "non-viewable" categories
Also known as "internet censorship"
4 June 1989- The Chinese government censors all video footage from Tiananmen Square. Only viewers outside of China are able to view the protests and the "crackdown".
25 Feb 2008- Pakistani officials, in a move to domestically block out videos offensive to Islam, shut down 2/3 of the world's access to youtube
BYU campus does not allow access to youtube and other apparently other "obscene" websites
In Thailand, the Royal Thai Police claim to directly block approximately 32,500 websites
North Korean civilians don't even have computers
by R. Sarkis February 28, 2008
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