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Dot the i - (verb, origin: generally used as a reference to the marching band of Ohio State, the taint of educational institutions)

Definition: when a man (or a woman with a strap on) has anal sex with someone, pulls out, draws a line in shit up the receiver's back and then "dots the i" with semen (or spit, if you're a "lady")
I'm going to take my mom home, bend her over the sink, and dot the i
by DotYourMomsI August 03, 2010
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When a gentleman reaches sexual completion leaving a heaping load of wad on his mushroom tip, and proceeds to tenderly dab his spluge on the eyelid of his hoebag.
"Yo Joe, on Friday night I took that floozy back to my place and she let me Dot the I.
by Sammy Tenderloins January 14, 2012

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