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an acceptable replacement for obsenitys in certain social groups.
what the doss smells like dossing dossor around here? oh, its dossor. TRANSLATES TO: what the fuck smells like fucking shit around here? oh, its dossor.
by master of goonheads July 19, 2004
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A tramp who enjoys pissing in the ass's of family members.
Brother:Take youre tongue out of my ass
Dossor: Thats my dick!
Brother: well control your bladder then and whipe your spunk off my face!
by Shitballs July 06, 2004
see also tramp and paedo
oh look, theres dossor fuckinga 2 year olds ring in his cardboard box...
by jimbo deeny August 01, 2004
17 year old peadofile who fools around with children in the 6-12 year old age bracket. typically works undercover for matalan. lives in an area unmapped by the world which is undergoing major plans to be lazered around and wiped off the face off the earth. eats shit from a camels ass with a teaspoon. tramp.
oh look its dossor the scruff boy tramp
by Master of puppets July 14, 2004
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