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A residence hall at a college or university, commonly residence halls consisting of double rooms with a community bathroom.
It's time to go back to the dorms.
by Erick May 21, 2006
100 40
a bedroom, living room, and kitchen in a space about the size of most walk-in closets. roommate included free of charge.
As I like to say, "home sweet hole."
by Lauren September 01, 2004
396 72
your own semi-personal hell hole you live in your freshman year of college with your complete opposite
My dorm room is a hell hole.
by Kollege Cid March 07, 2005
254 67
A place where parents send their children to have meaningless sex and consume copious amounts of drugs. Also the place I wish to end up after a night of boozing with my homies.
Damn, I'm so drunk! Let's go to the dorm and get some tail.
by tuesg November 23, 2004
203 72
a deluxe prison cell used for getting ass
Let's go back to the dorm and get some ass.
by damnicantfindagoodsn July 18, 2005
142 42
The place where I go to have sex with ugly girls.
by anonymous June 03, 2003
126 91
a place to "crash" or "hang out man"
dude im going back to the dorm to crash or hang out man
by andrew yeh September 06, 2003
47 58