The Combinaton of a "Dork" and a "Nigger"
When asked to go out to breakfast that morning the man said "i cant go out to breakfast today i have double gym" Someone replied "Fuck man you a Dorknigga"
by Zack BILLYYYY April 04, 2006
Top Definition
An insult used to degrade the subject; it is someone who is annoying, and not willing to do things a normal person would do, or the person using the term would do.
When asked if one would like to go out to breakfast in the morning the subject replied "i cant i have to go to class." The degrader shouted "Fuck man you a dorknigga!"
by Zack billy & Mikeyfay April 06, 2006
1. Noun - a person that idolizes another for the supreme gangsterness within, normally somewhat emo in nature.
Damn Kyle is a dorknigga!
by kevbear August 01, 2008
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