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1)A word describing someone who is in love with all things considered dorky or nerdy but who makes everyone else want to be in love with all of that stuff as well. That is just how awesome they are. They probably give off a sexy vibe as well...

2)A word describing something that an awesome dork would like
1)Wow, see that person over there? He may be playing the hell out of Dungeons And Dragons but he is sooo hot...He's dorkalicious!

2)That game is dorkalicious!
by LouTheWolf April 01, 2008
a sexy dork. yesm. its a word tonah uses to make up fer mandork ;)
me: im so dorkalicious
by dorkalicious December 02, 2004
1. Lacking social polish, awkward or tactless.

2. Unfashionable.

3. Uncool, often associated with nerdy, geeky and wangsta.

4. Gauche
That girl is so chessy she reeks dorkalicious.
by Katie Ehman January 21, 2008
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