Evil, unsavory, tampering with un-Christian activities. Might be incorrectly pronounced as "dark-sided" by those who do not love the Lord.

Comes from Marguerite Perrin, an upstanding woman of God from the Fox series Trading Spouses
"She's not a Christian! It was so dorksided. Take this microcphone off of me--GARGYLES, DEMONS! Everything was tainted."
by Coleifornia December 14, 2009
Top Definition
"Dark sided" as pronounce by the screaming Christian psychopath from trading spouses.
(at the loudest projectible voice) You are all dork sided!!!!! Un-whole-eee!! Garghouls, tarrot-curds, dorkness, dork-sided-ed-nesssss!!!! Get the **** outta my goddam house in the name of Jesus Christ!! amen ...
by wmike145 November 18, 2005
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