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"Dark sided" as pronounce by the screaming Christian psychopath from trading spouses.
(at the loudest projectible voice) You are all dork sided!!!!! Un-whole-eee!! Garghouls, tarrot-curds, dorkness, dork-sided-ed-nesssss!!!! Get the **** outta my goddam house in the name of Jesus Christ!! amen ...
by wmike145 November 18, 2005
205 15
Evil, unsavory, tampering with un-Christian activities. Might be incorrectly pronounced as "dark-sided" by those who do not love the Lord.

Comes from Marguerite Perrin, an upstanding woman of God from the Fox series Trading Spouses
"She's not a Christian! It was so dorksided. Take this microcphone off of me--GARGYLES, DEMONS! Everything was tainted."
by Coleifornia December 14, 2009
16 2