it means cool. Its slang from soap on a rope
"Fo shizzle, hey lets go over there," person one.
"dope on a rope," person two.
by jason double G October 18, 2004
Top Definition
one who is considered a moron, or idiot
yo man, i was typin webdings to this kid and he acted like a dope on a rope, saying that i told him to unravel davioncis code
by jlev June 23, 2006
People addicted to rock climbing or constantly talking about it.
That Dope on a Rope just finished climbing the face of Half Dome and won't stop talking about it.
by sal the salami April 30, 2013
(noun) a very stupid person
I hate bob. He's a dope-on-a-rope.
by dopeonarope August 28, 2006
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