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n. Similar to the ookie cookie. After chugging some ex-lax (or eating a chewable ex-lax tablet), a group of guys stand in an out-facing circle. A cookie (any variety) is placed at the center of the circle. The guys assume a squatting position so they each cover a portion of the cookie. The goal is to not be the first guy to unleash his stanky fudge onto the cookie. The first guy to have an assplosion onto the cookie must eat the cookie, but only after all guys have drained their colons. For added fun and excitement, participants should consume large amounts of corn the evening before they partake in the Dookie Cookie.
Tim: "Man, I sure am hungry for a snack!"
Matt: "Here, take some ex-lax and join the circle. If you are the first to shat, you can have the dookie cookie!"
by BullMaster March 25, 2008
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