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A call made simply because you are bored on the toilet.
I knew that Priya was doodoo dialing me because right after I heard a flush she said she had to go.
by Monty S March 03, 2008
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1. To make phone calls while taking a poop.
Shaun thinking to himself: Man I gotta poop.
-- Shaun sits on his toilet and begins to poop
-- Shaun grabs his cell phone from his pocket and dials Rudy

Shaun: Hey Rudy, what's up?
Rudy: Am I on speaker phone? I'm hearing echos.
Shaun with tension in his voice: No.
Rudy: Damnit Shaun! Did you doodoodial me again?!?!
Shaun: You know I need you to talk me through these situations.
Rudy: I'm hanging up. Call me when you're finished.
Shaun: C'mon dude! I'll give you a courtesy flush.....
by Dr[Shaun] June 12, 2007
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