Something that is unliked.
I hate this Doodoo show. This food is Doodoo.
by tim15 June 16, 2008
The thick, roundnes of a woman's juicy, shapely buttox, ass, dookie, culo, booty, junk, draggin', trailer.
Look at the doo-doo on her or she's got doo-doo on her.
by ZedX10R December 09, 2008
Not to be confused with dodo (and extinct bird species)(alternatively a broadband provider), doodoo is best defined as shit. Aka human waste.
1) I gots the doodoo on meee.
2) Ninian: I just got doodoo internet.
Paula: You mean dodo.
Ninian: Yes I certainly doo.doo.
by wangmeister March 18, 2006
A word meaning poop. Very funny when someone says it by mistake.
"So thats what you should do"
"thats what i doodoo"
"HAHAHA you just said doodoo"
by jimmy2000 February 26, 2007
the act of being ugly, annoying, rude...or well...UGLY
hope, tabitha, max, megan, jojo, tyler, lil knux, you are ALL DOODOO!!!!
DEATH BEFORE DOODOO<333 x infinity :], tabitha&hope
by tabithaXbaby May 28, 2008
Boobs or baby bottle
Give Baby his doodoo
by Princess John March 01, 2008
little kid:"look moommy, doggie doo doo!"
by Poo!DidYouFart? April 26, 2005

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