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a feces that is mostly liquid. kept in a bucket labled "doo doo"
Jared eats R.Kelly's doo doo butter
by Chicken March 13, 2004
Anal fissure seepage, primarily fecal in nature.
On the eve of his colonoscopy, Robert reflected upon his anal escapades; the crimson hued doo-doo butter trickling out of his newly violated orifice not only stained his hospital issued gown, it stained his soul.
by The Dookie Bandit August 21, 2006
The liquid that oozes out of your butt when you have diarrhea.
R. Kelly pours doo-doo butter on pre-pubescent girls.
by RatchetBoo May 18, 2003
The foamy frothy schmeg that collects around the ring of your cornhole after you take a spicy or runny shit. Sometime it can almost be in a jelly consistancy. CAUTION sometimes doo doo butter can make you feel like your shitting razor blades.
Wendys Wild Mountain Spicy Chicken sandwhich gave me the worst case of doo doo butter.

You can Doo Doo it yourself :)
by Butter n' Butter January 27, 2004
The mix of butt sweat and/or poo left over from wiping, anal seepage, after a hard days work.
Man, I had the runs at work today and it was so hot that now I have doodoo butter.
by Mr40oz September 13, 2008
The pungent goo that tends to slowly leak from ones anus throughout the day when that day started with a morning defecation.
I should have showered after I crapped, because now I have doo doo butter running down my crack!

I know a wiped good, but I'm sure that doo doo butter is going to leave a trail in my pants.
by Chicken Head March 15, 2004
when you have a very greasy fart and there is a little something extra left in your underoos. you might !as well grab ya 2 pieces bread and some jelly cause you got some doo-doo butter
"oh fuck! i knew i shouln't have eaten seventeen tacos for breakfast, down i got doo-doo butter running down my leg!"

"damn r-kelly im hawngry, can i get a lil bit of your world famous doo-doo butter or do i have to go scrape it off some 12 year old girls face?"
by themotherfuckingshit June 05, 2009
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