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(n.) a kill in a multiplayer first-person shooter that was earned by placing one or two indiscriminate shots on an opponent that has already been severely weakened by a team member.

A player that is well-versed in the art of doo doo kills will often be elusive when shit is popping off. However, once you have died, having sacrificed your life for the better of the team, the doo doo killer will jump over your corpse and nab 1-4 kills by spraying an automatic weapon.
*Playing Halo*

*Player 1 jumps into room*
*Player 1 finds that he is outnumbered, 2:1*
*Player 1 uses the battle rifle to place accurate, damaging headshots on either opponent*
*Opponents have no shield remaining*
*One opponent manages to gun butt Player 1*
*Player 1 falls to the ground, defeated*
*Opponents begin reloading*
*Player 2 jumps into the room and sprays both of the opponents, earning a Double Doo Doo Kill*
by sperdoj January 26, 2011