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the police station, where the police plot their next nigger beating
them popo be taking me to the donut shop
by underarrest January 16, 2008
5 11
smoking weed first thing in the morning; to wake and bake
let's bust a donut shop tomorrow morning before work holmes
by junkiemail December 12, 2009
4 4
n. A situation with a lot of females
Dude, that party was great! A million females -- a total donut shop!
by stacker February 15, 2005
5 6
drug house or street wit illegal activity goin down
shit yo i just ran out of da donut shop i almost got my ass lit!
by the parsh January 31, 2003
0 4
A record store. Coined by De La Soul off their second album "De La Soul Is Dead".
"I went to the donut shop and bought a bunch of 45's."
by Joe November 24, 2009
8 13