Urban slang for don't worry
"oi cuz wen u guna buy that game"
" don't watch that bruv im on the case"
by BlazinShazz November 28, 2007
Top Definition
positive re-enforcement which draws attention to more pressing issues at hand.
Derivative of Jamaican patois 'nuh badda watch dat'.
Girl 1: I can't come to the party cos I haven't any new clothes.
Girl 2: Don't watch dat sistren, u know the dance will be heavy
by Kenny Dust September 09, 2004
Meaning 'it's cool' or 'don't worry'...can also be used to say 'don't make judgemental attributions about me based on that previous action'

The versatile and neverending use of the phrase can also be used as reverse psychology to say 'keep an eye on that'
Rudeboy: ''yo bitch got caught wid another gyal''

Ruderboy: ''don't watch that, slag gave washing machine blowjobs anyway''

Rudeboy: ''you just poured ketchup on your apple pie''

Ruderboy: ''don't watch that, i'm blitzed''

Rudeboy: ''I heard your music video is getting played on bare channels''

Ruderboy: ''yeah don't watch that''
by KidTheIllusionist September 21, 2009
A phrase over-utilised by low intelligence adolescents.
Original usage "don't worry"; currently "No comment", "Do not bring that matter up" or simply to annoy adults rather than communicate an idea.
Teacher: Listen David, if you don't do your homework, I will have to ring home.
David: Don't watch that!


Jemal: What did your Mum say when you got home?
David: Don't watch that!
by seasonticket January 26, 2008
Dont look at that its rather embarassing
raaahz dont watch afro blud
>Oh my! dont look at my afro, its not looking its best<
by leila November 01, 2003
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