A girl with a big ol'ghetto booty. Makes me want to whip it out and nail that ass on the spot.
Damn, look at that donkeybutt! who is that girl? Her name is Jessica and she works at the gas station.
by floyd November 30, 2003
Top Definition
where a chicks ass wheighs more than her body
damn that girls gotta fat donkey butt.
by justin c. October 21, 2003
A butt that is really high up, sticks out and usually on black people, or people with long skinny legs.
Let me ride that donkey butt!
Let me ride that donkey donkey!
by CGee January 28, 2007
When you do not wipe your butt very good after a bowel movement that leads to soreness in the anal area.
Damn son, I have a bad case of donkey butt today.
by rp072376 July 10, 2008
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