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or(dhll) a name from some one that was named on a mmorpg, so i came up with this name "donkey humping lama loose" most of my buddies use it for a insult, which infact its a great insult because most have have no fucking clue to what your talking about here are a few examples that ive run into myself.
driving situation: btw i do not hate black ppl this is just an example
<me> HeY! get off your CELL PHONE you donkey humpin lama loose!
<black woman> !@#$%^&*^%$#@ < i can never understand what they are saying to me
<me> its a green light bitch MOVE!
heres another situation:
<robber/gangsta> gimme yo moThA fuckin money BitCh fo i poP you witH my 9
<me> hey you fucking donkey humpin lama loose, back the fuck off bitch!
<robber/gangsta> ?
<robber/gangsta> (takes off running)
by NO whats your name! April 19, 2005