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Donkey Hammer is a nickname for a guy who has a large penis.
Wow you really have a donkey hammer
by Donky Hammer February 13, 2015
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Used to refer to the penis and scrotum as a single unit. Its name derives from the fact that a profile view of a cock and balls crudely resembles a hammer, with the scrotum as its head and the penis as its handle.
Guy #1: Hey I was going through John's mail and I found this issue of "Cock'n'Balls Monthly" with his name and address on it.

Guy#2: (flipping through magazine) By the looks of it, they really cater to the package shot connoisseurs.

Guy #1: Well we all know what a big fan he is of the donkey hammer.

Guy #2: True, true.
by corsendonk September 16, 2009
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