A very compulsive degenerate action generally done when thinking irrationally with total disregard for the consequences. Most commonly done by gamblers; it is the act of depositing money on an online casino (without sufficient funds in the accounting being drawn on) in hopes of catching a "heater" so that by the time the NSF hits you have more than enough in your poker account to cover the initial deposit.
Guy: What are you going to do man...you have no money to play poker just go get a job

Degenerate: I don't know I was thinking about just donk depoing on poker stars and a sportsbook; i probably won't lose anyway

Guy: IDK man better be careful that seems rather gross sir

Degenerate: Well idfc my life sucks anyway who cares if I have a negative bank account. I NEED THE ACTION BABY!!!!
by stonew2 July 14, 2010

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