Dutch slang for an insecure male that makes a fool of himself around women
Dd you see Andy try to hit on that girl? He is a real Donga.
by John "Donga" Smith August 26, 2013
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a penis, usually a large one
wanna see my donga?
by vaseline April 23, 2003
extremely large penis. A big veiny triumphant bastard!
over 8 inch donga - on slack
by Steven Rothwell April 20, 2009
Aussie term for a relocatable (tin) building. Usually used on construction/ mine sites as accommodation blocks.
"Comin down the pub for a beer this arvo mate."
"Nahh not feeling so crash hot, reckon i'll just head straight back to my donga"
by _Jay_Jay_ September 21, 2011
(Australia) A remote bush area
He lived way out in the donga.
by Rob Brennan December 05, 2003
A very fat and incredible ugly person.
He's such a Donga.
by Henk de Negert February 13, 2009
A disease that results in a large penis.
I go to UCLA and my girlfriend said I needed a case of the donga.
by Poonhammer September 21, 2007

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