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A Donair consists of a fried pita with shredded spiced beef cooked on a spit than covered in Sweet sauce ( Condensed milk , Sugar and vinegar) with sliced tomatoes and onions on top
Man I could really go for a Halifax style Donair right now!
by Christofski23 January 06, 2008
77 16
a misleading food that seemingly fools the wise into believing it is a pastry, but really; it's a wrap.
"Hey, is a donair like a pastry?"
"No! It's like a wrap!"
by kdabka October 15, 2009
12 5
Similar to Shawarma, but the meat is (supposed to be) ground up beef & lamb.
Nothin' like a hot Donair on a cold afternoon with a Beaver-tail and Cuba Libre!
by hydroponics May 28, 2003
13 19