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Domo-kun is a small brown open-mouthed monster (hatched from an egg) who lives with a wise old rabbit underground and really, really likes TV. Domo-kun is the mascot of NHK's BS2 (a satellite channel in Japan; he also appears on BS1).

"Domo" in this case appears to mean more of something (usually to stress "thank you," "excuse me," etc), implying increased politeness. "kun" is used as "Mr." or "Ms." for "younger people or colleagues". He acquired his name in the second episode, when Usajii turns on the TV for him and an announcer says "Domo konnichiwa" (i.e. "very much hello").
Cool, check out the TV, Domo-kun thinks he's Godzilla...
by Nik H April 22, 2004
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A large brown loaf. He was born on a hilltop from a strange white egg. He enjoys rice and walks in the moonlight. He dislikes apples.
Domokun says "Raaaawwrrhh"
by Penguin March 17, 2003
Domo-Kun Angry
by RAWR May 07, 2005
"An unusual piece of chocolate" - Ta Chan. Domo is a little Japanese monster who lives with a rabbit named Usaji. His girlfriend Ta-Chan is a weasel that lives nearby. Domo is squarish, brown, furry, has a big mouth and little button eyes. He's way too cute and farts when he's nervous.
by Katica March 12, 2003
A large brown monster who has his own show and is a mascot for a japanese tv channel
domokun go RARF!!! RAOAR!!!!
by ¡DŃ™! October 27, 2003
The sexiest man alive
OH domo-kun - that brown skin - and THE TEETH
by Arya [PersianJew] December 07, 2008
The symbol of anti-masturbation.
as seen in: "Everytime you mastrubate, god kills a kitten."
by Larry November 23, 2004
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