Pronounced as do-me-shape. A phrase refering to a person with a sexy shape (body) being asked to "do" another person.
1.) Domeshape NOW!
2.) Please, domeshape, pleeeaaaseeee.
by Aznpersuasion March 11, 2006
Top Definition
1) Used to describe, or ask for validation, on an actual object which bears a dome-like resemblance to an aforementioned or predescribed primary template that has been widely accepted as THE Domeshape.

2) An exclamation of near highest order used to express a myriad of feelings from simple boredom, to fill the time, to extreme anger, possibly in an effort to, in a rather half assed and semi-polite way, ridicule the protruding belly of a pompous jackass.

3) A versatile expression used by chui's, yui's, tangy's, PEPPs, matayoshi's, chowi's and a select few others...often accompanied by a dome hand gesture... similiar to one acting as if polishing a curved surface along a horizontal axis.
1) domeshape?
3) dome...shape...Domeshape
by AznSensation August 11, 2005
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